Growing Garlic

Over the years there has been interest in Garlic Production. In the last 6 years or so, the Buy Local, Foodland Ontario the opening of many new Farmer's Markets as well as Agri Tourism have opened the eyes and ears of consumers to the high quality of fruits and vegetables grown here in Ontario and other provinces in Canada. Garlic being one of the most in demand by today's consumers. throughout the year, many people from all walks of life in Canada and the United States contact us at Brant County Garlic Company for direction in steps for growing, handling and marketing garlic. We try to answer all queries and questions on all aspects of garlic production and marketing. The best and simplest advice we can offer is research all avenues that growing garlic requires to be successful

To help you get your business plan together, here are some questions that you need to ask yourself before you get started:

  1. How and where will I market my garlic?
  2. How much should I grow?
  3. What can I handle in acreage?
  4. Do I grow organic or commercial?
  5. Do I plant in Rows or Beds?
  6. What is a good clove spacing in the row?
  7. How many pounds of seed garlic do I require?
  8. When and what should I do to prepare the area to be planted?
  9. What equipment will I need?
  10. How deep are the cloves planted?
  11. What is soil pH? Do I need a soil test done?
  12. Do I check the soil for Stem and Bulb Nematodes?
  13. What are my plans for weed control?
  14. Where do I purchase clean and quality seed garlic?
  15. Do I need to irrigate my crops?
  16. Is there a market for Fresh Scapes or Bulbils seed?
  17. How am I going to harvest my crops?
  18. How will I cure my garlic?
  19. How will I store my clean garlic?
  20. What is the wholesale and retail price of garlic?

If you need answers to some or all of these questions, contact us and we can help you get started.