Our Go Garlic Our Premium Gourmet Garlic Our Go Garlic 2nd Annual World Garlic Congress (Spain) Supper in Castilla La Mancia, Spain
Grading and packing line in Spain Garlic Fields in Spain Garlic Fields in Spain Garlic Emergents in Late March April 2, 2017
Jumbo Bulbs We Offer Garlic Ready to Retail Ready to Retail Cloves spaced exactly 6 New 8 row Four Wheel Drive Planter
Root Vigor After 15 days Precision Hand Planting Eight Rows at a Time Planted Rows Before Covering(Left) Hilled for Winter (Right) Bob and Irene ready for another Festival!
Harvesting garlic Bulbils seed. Garlic bunches being tied, ready for curing. Hand harvesting scapes Hand harvesting scapes Fresh Ontario Garlic scapes ready to be washed and packaged for sale
Curing facility Garlic bunches ready to be hung and cured Hanging garlic in curing barn Hanging garlic in curing barn Under cutting garlic plants prior to harvest.
Garlic plants being harvested. Spacing is important for air flow between garlic bunches Dehydrated garlic product Eastern Ontario garlic field day Bulbil beds on May 22, 2012
Music plant on June 17 prior to scaping Plant development as of May 30, 2012 Fresh music scallions June 14, 2012 Music bulbil development as of June 17, 2012 Music plant scape seed development as of June 17, 2012
Music plants on June 24, 2012 bulbils are maturing Harvest plant for fresh market customers on June 29, 2012 Plants on June 29, 2012 before trimming and cleaning for fresh market Plant after being hosed off before cleaning June 29, 2012 Clean and trim garlic ready to pack in bunches
Harvest scape with seed July 8, 2012 Bulbil seed tops in drying trays July 8, 2012 Drought conditions really can speed up maturing process July 11, 2012 Harvested bunches of garlic ready to be hung for natural drying Our stall at the Garlic is Great Festival at Newmarket Ontario August 18, 2012
Product display at festivals Bulbil seed in bags for sale at festival to promote maintaining strain of garlic Bulbs for sale at festivals Our 30 pound boxes for shipping 2013 crop planting in Mid October 2012
Clean dry bulbs ready for cracking into seed cloves for 2013 planting Bulbs on conveyor prior to cracking Dehydrated Garlic in Jars Clean seed clones from University of Guelph 20 days after planting Checking bulbil for vigour and development - notice stem length and root density
Clean seed planted in beds mid December Music plants March 16, 2012 Bulbil Seed Beds March 26, 2012 Music garlic planted growth stage on April 6, 2012 Plant progress on May 10, 2012
Bulbil seed bed on May 22, 2012 Music garlic April 6, 2012   

If you have any questions about our garlic operation or related to garlic
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